1 thought on “A touch of frost

  1. Dillon Sheehan

    I’ve spent a great part of my years sorting through what I thought was and was not art and coming to the conclusion that, against most others better judgement, that that’s likely not my job, but the job of the man or woman who walks the streets like an obsessed observer of parts and pieces lying about, making decisions about what goes in his cart and what doesn’t, what is or is not pieces of a bigger artistic construction. I am ready now to give all artistic merit, judgement and license over to the street prowler. Who could possibly know better regarding any particular “piece” then they. My license? I like it or I don’t. It’s more the act of pursuing that impresses me. I just want to see passion, intrigue, pursuit, completion, cause that’s what I think artists do best, in any field. I like what you are doing Peter. And because I can see those adjectives in your work I can only assume that you are the kind of artist I am referring to. But then only you can judge that.


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